Item XP Boosts are now available in the tera Store for PC!
Tera Rewards dungeon The Tera Rewards dungeon is a level baccarat vinho 65 dungeon that can be played once a day through the Rewards Window.
Common Problems, how do I get tera credits?It provides players with a variety of exclusive benefits for playing through specific.Reward Points a credited directly onto your account.Elite Status Reward Credits and Points.Item XP Boosts are not tradeable and are only usable by level 65 players.Check out the store for two varieties: 30 Item XP Boost (7-Day)just 495 EMP!EMP won through promotions and spent in the tera store contributes to your Rewards Points.This gets you an XP bonus for all characters to your account, a box of reward credits delivered to your item claim, as well as access to the.Sometimes Reward Points are included in promotions or special events, and occasionally offered through level 65 higher-end group content.

What are Rewards Points?
Refunds If a player earns Reward Points and Reward Credits from an EMP purchase, and that EMP is later refunded for any reason, the earned Reward Points and Reward Credits will be removed from that player's account.
If you want a refund of an accidental EMP purchase to be processed, both the EMP and the Reward Credits must be available to be removed.
At higher level tiers you'll unlock a daily credit bonus, similar to a login bonus, that you access through the.Once you get 3,000, tERA, rewards Points you'll unlock Tier.30 Item XP Boost (30-Day)only 1,595 EMP!Tera content, and for making purchases in the.Trading and banking rewards Some items can only be purchased in the tera Rewards Emporium, such as Tier 8 accessories and Tier 10 mounts.For one week (until Tuesday, August 28) everyone will receive a 15 percent discount on Item XP Boosts purchased from the tera Store.Elite Status players can get that discount in perpetuity plus the bonus of a 25 Item XP Boost (2-Hour) on your Elite hotbar every day!This dungeon is a reward for attaining Reward Tier 1 and has no impact on gear progression.

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