Although it is very commonly consumed on CNY eve, hotpot/steamboat is also popular to serve during social gatherings throughout the year.
Baba refers to the male descendents.
Corn and carrot for the no fuss soup broth Remember to have on standby a flask of hot water/hot broth (Im using a portable thermal flask) to top up the soup as the hotpot session progresses.
I) Yong Tau Foo Yong Tau Foo literally means stuffed bean curd with fish paste, though it is basically a large variety of food (not just beancurd) stuffed with fish paste.
The vegetables only need to cook for a few seconds in boiling water so dont overcook them!Nyonya Food originates from the Peranakans willy wonka lotto commercial or Baba and Nonyas.Penang, northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Melaka, nyonya Rice Dishes, nyonya Dishes and Curries, nyonya Kuih / Nonya Kueh.Serve with rice and other dishes Sambal Kangkong (fried vegetables with chillies and prawns) Ingredients 6-10 stalks of Kangkong (Those not familiar with this vegetable can substitute with alternative vegetables: young leaves and shoot of sweet potatoes or spinach or bean sprouts) some small shrimp.Either way is totally delicious.With Chinese New Year Eve (CNY) reunion dinner just around the corner, this is now a good time to storm the supermarkets and wet markets to stock up on fresh foods for that sumptuous yearly feast.You can also add a chicken cube to enhance the taste of this no-fuss broth.This cuisine is unique to Malaysia and Singapore - the food of the communities that are found mainly.Heat oil in kuali/pan.Wrap into a pyramid shape.Add pork, winter melon and mushrooms, and mix in combined seasoning.Vegetable pickle made in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

H) Dumplings/Wontons Left: fish dumplings, Right: chive dumplings Due to its shape which resembles the ingot ( yuan bao ancient Chinese currency dumplings such as jiao zi and fish dumplings (fish ear) are common additions to hotpot during CNY.
The Chinese prefer to have leftovers which symbolizes lots of savings in the coming year.
Do not say things like lets try to finish all the food.Nyonya recipes of Malaysia and Singapore - Unique Malaysian and Singapore dishes of Asia.Dancing Chef Suki Sauce Perfect for Steamboat (ii) For chilli padi lovers.Check out: Chinese Lunar New Year Recipes.More Recipes.more Nyonya recipes all at myFood domain top Nyonya kueh, cakes Nyonya kueh are Malaysian cakes bee koh kueh bahalu ang koo Nyonya steam cake made from glutinous rice flour with a filling of sweet beans.If youre staying in a hot tropical country like Singapore, take it as a free detox suana session, just down lots of cold beer (or cold drinks) to stay cool ;p.Ads from Nuffnang, nasi Ulam (Rice with herbs and vegetables ingredients.Pound or grind chilies with toasted shrimp paste.Nevertheless, acar is can also be consumed as a whole, complete dish.

When oil is hot, put in the grounded ingredients and stir fry until fragrant.
You can use either thin fish slices or yong tau foo (which are pieces of food with stuffed fish paste).