Again perfectly normal stuff, we were so relieved to have things back to normal and we went about our business and did some side missions finally.
If you picked the wrong person, the real killer will attempt to flee - this gives you some time to quickly accuse another.
Watch Marshall Friedman dole out justice, or deal with the fact that the real killer escaped (or company casino no deposit bonus code got shot by you).
Three Psycho Heads: A live grenade will drop out of the machine, explode, and deal damage to any players within the vicinity.We try to fix it again by saving and quitting and repeat, my buddy gets back on, we try things yet again.The reward is the same: 1305 XP and a pistol.We were so happy but just to make sure we rolled the machines again.Comments, table of Contents Ziff Davis, LLC.

First and Second match with Bell as Third: Money.
I went to the slot machines just for the hell of it to see if i could get a better weapon as all i had was a shitty revolver and coach gun, and i used both slot machines.
Last night i was playing with a friend of mine on brand new characters and made it to Sanctuary, did things as you normally would, deal with scooter, collect up all the side quests, get a couple eridium upgrades.Keep in mind that whenever you change the frequency of one particular kind of result, that will also alter the probabilities of everything else.We roll the slot machines again and hope for the best, we got the normal eridium again, success right?Three Cherries: Green item.Three Sevens: Weapon Manufacturer skin.V1.0.0, August 3, 2018: Initial public release.So i keep rerolling them trying to get at least a decent green gun from them, and i just kept getting eridium.We went to Three Horns Divide, saved and quit, rejoined, and went back to Sanctuary.We decided we wouldn't exploit whatever was happening to get a bunch of eridium upgrades for free, and just saved and quit, then went back in to try and fix.Look at the, gutter Brothers.

Then i rerolled it and rolled the second machine, and got eridium from both, nothing too strange right?
Other resulting combinations will vary.
Choosing options in the "quality" sections should keep the drop rates as they were.