slot car controller choke

All controllers feature our 30 band design that provides excellent speed control in the turns.
Beuf - w/Beuf express chassis, Koford horsepower, guide, guide nut, axle, lotto pl wyniki wygrane ostatnie pinion, spur TQ Pro.397!
Comes standard with a 290 ohm resistor network that controls most.O.
DD504 : Neo HD30 2 wire controller.
TMO - 1'st - Timmy Skurka - Koford arms, magnets 27L - 1'st - Mike Matero - Koford arm, set up, chassis.And 1st - Brad Friesner, 1456 laps, Aerotek body, Koford horsepower, Red Dot Drilled 39t Spur, leadwire, nut, M156F axle, rims, M244 brushes etc.The open frame design makes routine cleaning quick and easy.Brad Friesner - w/Beuf express chassis, Koford horsepower, Guide, guide nut, lead wire, axle, gear, mtr brushes TQ TMO.571!This improvement allows us to use two smaller heatsinks for a much lighter and more compact design.

278.00 DD532 : G enesis HD30 controller.
TMO - 2'nd place and TQ, using Koford M469 guide, cans, endbell, vertical hardware, M244 vertical premium motor brushes, armature, M156F axle, spacers, M541-44 red dot.
27L - 1'st - Jim Stevens - Koford arm,.650 rims, M397F drilled and wired hollow axle.
M558 External wire resistor controller for D and C can motor cars.
1.5 for G7 down to G12, and 1 for G12/G15/G27.Features TO think about before YOU BUY another controller brand power: *For the best performance power comes from a 40 amp relay over bigger.NEW track record - Rich Curnutte w/ Beuf Express chassis, Koford horsepower, and.650XX and.670X tires TQ C12 - 1,783!We learned a long time ago that it is impossible to keep a flat wiper button in perfect contact with flat wiper bands.Midwest Nats 2017 Skidmarks Raceway, Flint MI TMO - 1'st Brad Friesner using Koford Beuf Express chassis, Koford horsepower with 84 arm, M469 guide, nut, leadwire, M156F axle, rims, M244 brushes etc.Our controller uses a simple terminal setup to switch between positive and negative polarity.Smooth action and long life with floating wiper button.On/off switch lets you choose between slow or fast coast speed ranges.Electronic traction control/choke feature with on/off relay switch added to our DD521 model.Electronics: *Our coast power is activated by the dead band (wide band just before the first band) on the wiper board.Electronic traction control/choke with on/off relay switch.1.5,2 3 ohm 189.00.Adjust any motor for the perfect coast speed.GRP-F - 1'st - Casey Neubaure - Chassis 2018 Division 2 Scale Nat's, slot Car Raceway, tQ and 2nd GTP - Paul Gawronski w/ Complete Koford setup 1st F1 - Paul Gawronski w/ Koford setup and arm 1st GT12 - Paul Gawronski w/complete Koford setup.Every feature we have in one controller!

Our ball bearings are shimmed so there is zero side play.
New clear Koford handle.