So not surprisingly, most slotting is focused on improving the efficiency of order picking.
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As to the distance an order picker would need to travel, things get a little more complicated.The credit card you use the most frequently is likely located in an easily accessible spot in your wallet.We may also want to consider related items that are often picked together on the same order.Go to Consulting Services Pages, your source for information on Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.This is because a logical grouping together of a large number of storage bins is essential for the proper placement of stock.And other obe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, PostScript, and Reader are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

46 Basic Concepts Planning:frequently used tool to determine the number of required employees and the expected workloadbased on workload, which is created by every activity planned to be executed in the warehousewill be based only staybet scommesse on preprocessing workload, planned workload, measurement services and processor data.
Solution DetailsSAP EWM: A complete offering resulting from solid, continous investment.
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So lets start with the basics.
It also helps warehouse managers assign tasks and maintain warehouse orders by integrating the processes of: Slotting de-consolidation, cross-docking, yard management.Y Goods receipty Putaway bin determinationy Internal routingy Slottingy Deconsolidationy Putawayy Returns / reverse logisticsy Goods receipt optimizationy Advanced returns mgmt.My Business, inventory Operations Consulting LLC provides Fast, Affordable, Expert assistance with Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.If you live in an area that gets snow, you probably keep a snow shovel close to your garage door or the door to your house.Sybase is an SAP company.Well, that is assuming that your items are all similar in size, and your locations are all similar, and your quantity per pick is all similar, and there are no relationships between products, and.Systems Migration tools, sAP scmextended Warehouse Management(EWM.0 -.01).In fact, you don't even have to have to be close to perfection to achieve many of the benefits of slotting.Distribution CenterLogisticsy End-to-end processes visibility y Advanced storage strategies Slotting Picking y Architecture for high performance volume operations 2011 SAP.Obviously you need to consider this within the context of how you pick orders (your pick paths because the benefits of slotting these items together will vary based on your pick paths.If you run multiple pick zones, you may also need to consider zone balancing.

In both these cases, the size of the slot is driven by the size of the item and how much of that item needs to be stored there.
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I will typically do some rough calculations by product group, and then put together some guidelines to apply to each product group.