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The discography of American rapper, kool G Rap consists of seven studio albums, two collaborative albums and thirty singles.
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So speaking with a Southern, Brooklyn, or Black accent is not a matter of breaking the rules of grammar but of speaking with slightly different ones.
That southern accent has almost been successfully eradicated by the excellent Southern school systems and the invasion of northern companies, eager to benefit from the high levels of creativity and intelligence found in online casino no deposit required new the Southern gene pool.Insanlari bir seye inandirmanin ne kadar kolay oldugu.The important thing to remember as you laugh at these entries is that they represent perfectly good English.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.Lan bir kisi uydurup saliyor twitter'a, retweet retweet sonra herkes inaniyor.Compilation albums edit, extended plays edit, mixtapes edit, singles edit, as lead artist edit, as featured artist edit, guest appearances edit, music videos edit, as lead artist edit, as featured artist edit, references edit, retrieved from " ".Ha bir de, twitter'dan, facebook'tan alip buraya koyuyorsunuz ya; ve sanki kendi urununuz gibi sunuyorsunuz ya; ha iste ona intihal diyorlar.Sorry, teachers, I know this hurts, but these expressions represent nothing but a regional dialect.It is simply a regional dialect and dialects are equally grammatical; they are simply slight variations in the grammar of a given language that characterize the various regions where that language is spoken.So, if you change your accent, remember, the reasons are all economic or social; they should not be linguistic.So, this collection is as much a historical document as one about language and accents.

We all speak with the accent of the region we are raised in during the critical language learning period from 2 to 6 years of age.
I grew up just down the road from Andy Griffith in North Carolina.
We both share a love for the southern accent of that warm and beautiful state.
All dialects have rules every bit as rigorous as those of the standard dialect, which is usually determined by the most influential social class.
So, the southern dialect is simply a variation of grammar spoken in that particular region, the southern tier of US states.Google' da aratiyorsun, bu iddia ve turevlerinden baska bir sey cikmiyor.Your accent has nothing at all to do with intelligence or knowledge of the rules of grammar.Over the years, Dan has come across many a car with stories to tell.Luckily he usually has his camera ready, too.Picture proof that cars of all makes and models have their own classic car stories.Did You Enjoy this Glossary?Send theGlossary of Quaint Southernisms to a friend!Rebel-Yankee Test If you liked the dictionary, you would probably enjoy taking Rebel-Yankee Test as much as the 3 million people who have already taken.From island classics to Asian fusion, Food Network s Guy Fieri shares the restaurants, drive-ins, food trucks and roadside stands serving up the best food in Hawaii.