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20.06.17 Bug fix for some users where "creating new trainer stat" was just editting their first record.
All move power and cast times now known.
Work and real life hasn't left a lot of time for development lately but I've got a long list of fun ideas and 7 weeks off over Christmas; I can not wait.
Server side I'm noticing some nice performance improvements from Rails 5, and Turbolinks 5 brings some interesting opportunities in the form of potential AndroidiPhone apps in the future.
I'm seeing changes coming through the game_master and we still haven't seen metodi per bancare scommesse the re-introduction of the stat refresh so Gen4 Pokemon currentlz have a different stat Ebase than Gen1-3.Added Pidgey Spam and a bunch of under the hood changes for speed.The purpose of a Poke Assistant account has changed over time.Evidently many of the Pokemon still have temporary moves.19.05.18 Blast burn added for Charizard.This was done to stay within the terms of the beta test, not leak information publically and to keep users safe from angering Niantic.While doing this the site has been tweaked so that when Niantic decides to lift this maximum, it'll be a one-line instant change for PA and its users.Formulas for actual in-game damage were not yet known.All future gen Pokemon have been added to the site up to Gen.If you have any suggestions while the code is fresh in my mind, please leave some feedback.If you don't want to be suggested to use Dragonite-DragonBreath because you don't have one, just click the skip button.PvP Strategy and will continue expanding.

A lot of under the hood changes including a switch from disk to memory caching for the server.
Add a Language sheet, then submit a link to your filled out sheet via.
Only one Pokemon had a stat change (Lapras nerf all gen 1 catch chances went.The the clubhouse blackjack IV Calculator and other sections have be tweaked to facilitate internationalisation better.If you'd like to add your own language, simply copy and complete.We are now translating more of Poke Assistant into your language!24.06.17 First round of Global Stats are live.Preferences from Team Suggest tool now also exclude Pokemon you don't want to see.03.06.17 Added in the latest Egg Chart and cross linking to Pokedex pages.19.04.17 New Inter-generation Evolutions for looking at all the intergenerational evolutions in the Pokemon series complete with their calculated stats.Added come incassare gratta e vinci new Evolver Tool.For those who want to log in and use Trainer Stats and store preferences for battle, we understand not everyone uses Google so we've added Reddit as an alternate path.You can now follow, poke.