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Cypress Cove Nudist Resort!
Top Stories : The Oregon town of Ashland passes an anti-nudity law, nude family Christmas card rejected for printing at Kinko's, two 20-something nude men riding bicycles were told by New Zealand police who understood their need to experiencing total freedom to wear helmets, nude.Let's say you bet 1 on the flip of a coin, winning on heads and losing on tails. .119 MB Show #225 March 16, 2010 Click on photos to enlarge!See Bradley's video here, and more.In reality, the casinos are happy to encourage people's delusions by providing pads of paper for them to keep track of previous spins, super slot gratis and they even have a marquee at the roulette table which shows the results of the last several spins. .In other words, they shortchange you on the payout. .On This Show: This week we visit Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, California.

On This Show: Join us at the College Nudist Weekend on this show in Oklahoma at Oaklake Trails Naturist Resort.
14.5 minutes Watch Entire Show Now iPod/iPhone 109 MB Dialup modems.5 MB Broadband (Cable/DSL) 74 MB (Stream or right-click and download to hard drive) Extremely high res.
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If you play craps but make the sucker bets, or make lots of bets at once, you might as well be playing a suck-you-dry slot machine. .On This Show: Join us this week in Hawaii as we take a cruise on the Celebrity Constellation with Bare Necessities Tour Travel Clothing Optional Vacations with over 2,000 people!meet the "Beer Pong" champion Greg, interview with Tom Mulhall from Terra Cotta Inn plus interviews with many other nudists and more.If you go that route, you might be surprised you're in good company: one-fourth of Vegas visitors don't gamble a penny.If it were a fair game, you'd win 1 when you win and lose your dollar when you lose. .See my article on comps for more.Fun interview with a nudist couple and swimming in the ocean.210 MB Show #227 May 4, 2010 Click on photos to enlarge!Excellent interview with Gary Mussell, president of the Southern California Naturist Association (scna).If you win that then you'll add 6, so you'll bet.Introducing the new segment ClothesFree Today with your host Philip and special guest recording artist Ton Dou talks about his new nudist music video.The Martingale Betting System has you double your bet after a loss. .

Laguna del Sol near Sacramento, California!
Learn the games with play money where it doesn't cost you anything if you lose.
22.5 minutes, show #239 December 31, 2010, click on photos to enlarge!