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And like so many trends, it made its way across the Atlantic.
Joggers could come together during short 'fun runs where the emphasis was on enjoyment rather than competition.
These varied from small local runs to huge events like Sport Aid in 1986.
Lee Majors and Farah Fawcett the Kim and Kanye of their time were pictured jogging on the front cover and praised its benefits in an interview.And celebrities got involved too.In the late 1970s Jim Fixx became the public face of the amateur enthusiast, regularly appearing on US TV describing how running had turned his life around.But it was celebrities outside the athletics world who got the message across that running was for everyone.Exercise entered the mainstream in Britain too around this time, with leisure centres and private gyms offering new ways to work out like aerobics classes and jogging clubs encouraging people to try running.Triumphs like Frank Shorter's 1972 Olympic marathon win raised the profile of elite runners with the American public.Hundreds of thousands ran a 10k route through London, with millions taking part in other towns and cities around the world.

His book, The Complete Book of Running, sold over a million copies.
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