There are many stalls selling fruit juices, but my pick would be to go for a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice instead.
At hawker centres, you will rarely find "A" stalls.
Enjoy Your Food Orgy.
Before you begin your food orgy, look for a table first.When it's very crowded and you can't find one to yourself, don't feel shy about asking others if you could ok pokemon cartoon share their table with them.It's a healthy dish consisting of Chinese lettuce, chopped bamboo shoots, turnips, bean sprouts, shrimps and egg rolled into a layer of skin made of flour.Elsewhere, you can buy 3 durians between S10 to S20, depending on the quality.It's therefore important for you to know what are some of the better tasting foods in Singapore.Fourth, a few doors away, there's a second stall selling oyster omelet.Being such picky-eaters, how far wrong can we go?First (not in order of how good the food is there's Bee Heng.Always keen on fresh experiences and challenges, Asai-san relocated to Singapore in 2002 where he spent the next ten years overseeing, leading and launching various Japanese restaurant concepts locally.It's so good you'll want to finish every drop.Beginning with the first row from the main entrance, the yummiest delights would be the fish soup (sliced fish in clear soup) and fish congee (sliced fish in rice porridge).

The chicken rice at this stall is not the best in Singapore, but they're not that far off.
Carrot cake in Singapore is different from what westerners know.
A food orgy is, after all, a communal affair.
There are 2 stalls in the first row selling these dishes - one at the corner furthest away from the main road and one just a few doors away (see yellow signboard above).There's no carroty taste at all.After you've found your table, someone from your party must "reserve" it by taking one of its seats.The stock is made using dried shrimp, plucked heads of prawns, white pepper, garlic and other spices.There are many hawker centres, but Newton Food Centre must be one of the best.In the day, many stalls are not opened.Don't cave in to what they say.As you venture deeper into Newton Food Centre, you'll find more and more stalls selling Muslim fare.

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With all that grease in your belly, it's best to balance your "ying yang" with a cup of Chinese tea.