To José's credit, before we had fully conclusive proof, though our suspicions were becoming apparent, he confessed what he had done, and promised to pay us back all of the money plus was adamant that he would pay compensation for the time that we had.
I could see the disappointment moving across her face as she told me she was not proud of me despite all my success in poker; she was not proud of her son.
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Representing Lock and being part of their amazing team, witnessing the incredible growth, was a pleasure and an honor.
I don't know why I did.José and everyone elses' strategy discussion continued to be very good and in early July, somewhere around the 10th, Joséwatched 2p2 poster ImFromSweden whilst he played a session.We have been promised reimbursement for the money stolen by Jose while superusing.I don't know why I agreed.During this session IFS played sauron1989 HU on iPoker.José's strategy contributions to this group were exceptional, and many top players were very impressed.There is a" on the wall in my school which I always see as I pass the nurse's office.le ripercussioni di questa ovviamente è venuto come decoberta.A friend of mine, who I introduced to poker, made a suggestion to me which was, I'm not going to sugar coat it, cheating.In pratica, si tratta di avere in mano le cinque carte più potenti tra tutti i giocatori del tavolo, mentre le seste carte non vengono mai impiegate per rimuovere la parità.

And people will say I have no excuse and I know and understand that.
I felt ashamed, I had no explanation; explanations don't cut it in situations like this and often come across as excuses.
We soon witnessed that whenever José would disconnect from skype, roulette online casino games 10p sauron1989 would sign out of the ipoker lobby and would sign back in when José reconnected to skype.
Nel caso in cui non sia presente il jolly allinterno della partita di poker, allora la seconda mano migliore è quella che permette di formare la scala di colore, ovvero cinque carte consecutive che appartengono al medesimo seme.
I just want lotto memory to let everyone know, I'm sorry.I felt like something was wrong during the matches, not a feeling I can explain, but it just didn't feel like any other HU match I've played and I got suspicious.They have been really amazing to me and I've enjoyed every minute of working with them.Saremo la vostra guida e vi insegneremo tutti i segreti necessari per giocare a poker online, le regole del gioco, i trucchi dei campioni, le astuzie dei giocatori più esperti e tutto ciò che il nostro team di professionisti ha imparato in tantissimi anni."Girah" suggerito a più riprese ai giocatori che ha giocato contro il giocatore "sauron1989" su iPoker, definendolo un giocatore cattivo e sempre chiedendo di fare "SweatSessions" durante questi giochi, e succede che "Girah" stava giocando con l'account "sauron1989 "!It says that the real mistake is not tripping up, but staying down.I guess it was a mixture of guilt and stupidity and feeling *ty for getting him involved in something which seemed to be bad for him.71 (0 voti, media 0 di 5).

In breve quello che è successo è che un gruppo di giocatori di "High Stakes che discute le strategie e le mani di poker online in una chat di gruppo tramite la piattaforma creata da skype "TooCuriousso1 di solito eseguita "Sessioni Sudore in cui.
He scammed TooCuriousso1 for 900 and appeared to be setting up another member of the group for a further scam at 50/100, which we anticipated would be his biggest scam.
Thinking that this was a good opportunity for me to have my play reviewed by a top player, I agreed and he watched my session start out as a 6max session but soon I had sat with sauron1989 on an empty 6max table, after José.