Each number represents some sort of symbol.
A person (croupier) draws and calls all the numbers.
What may come a bit as a surprise is that, according to several studies, playing tombola can be beneficial for peoples mind.The Origin of the Tombola, the game we play at Christmas is strictly related to tombola napoletana, a traditional variety of tombola played in Naples since time immemorable, and the popular game.The really strange thing is-at least to us Americans-is that many of the pictures are downright rude or sexual.You know, as much as you love your family, you may need to catch a breather from gossip and personal questions every now and then. .But lets start from the very beginning to learn where the game of tombola comes from and how it was created.It's all in fun and a great way to start the Holiday season on Christmas Eve, or to finish it off when playing on New Year's Eve. .

So number 4 is paired with O puorco which in Italian means il maiale (pig).
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Somehow, he won the jackpot right away.Many people play for change and sometimes it gets heated.Number one for instance is Italia.Proverbi, proverbs in Italian English.Tombola is certainly a symbol of popular tradition at Christmas time, a game rooted in the history of Italy.Number 25 Natale (Christmas) and number 1 Italia.People are unfazed by those few naughty symbols standing next to the religious ones.Part 1 of 2: Italians gamble away the holiday season - and it's a great thing.If this wasnt enough to make it an important piece of Christmas tradition, recent studies have discovered playing tombola may be beneficial for your mind, too.In Naples (where the game originated in 1734) theyve put an extra touch to the game.Even Italians in the United States lose their cool over Tombola.

During the Christmas and New Years holidays one of the most popular games in Italy is la tombola (TOM-bola which is more or less the same as Bingo.
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