It manages to be a Funny Moment and very (unintentionally) touching at the same time.
A strong-willed, impulsive young woman who has deep feelings for Kyo; despite constantly beating him up and berating him she insists they're engaged.
Pride : Something Haru calls him out onhe's a bit too obsessed with enforcing the rules and generally has a "my way or the high way" attitude.Doubling as a Freeze-Frame Bonus, you can barely make out Kureno next to Akito at the end of episode 7 of the reboot.(And when she has to stay with them for a while, they treat her like absolute garbage.) There's also the massive amounts of child abuse in general, both physical and psychological.It was around their A Day in the Limelight episode where they were given names and distinctions between their personalities began to show.Motoko and the club vice-president, Minami Kinoshita, instigate multiple plots to undermine Tohru, including visiting Saki Hanajima, whom they see as protecting Tohru with her "poison waves at home to find a weakness, 48 and arranging to have Tohru cast as Cinderella 's wicked stepsister.Not helped by his horrible health.Curtains Match the Window : In the manga and 2019 anime, her hair and eyes are brown.Natsuki Takaya has created one art book and two fan books for Fruits Basket.Ambiguous Gender : In-Universe; he's a boy, but due to being a Wholesome Crossdresser, Tohru mistakes him for a girl.They fell in love and got married.

A Japanese word for seahorse is ( "tatsu no otoshigo which translates to "dragon's baby." Bishnen : Similar to the other members of the Zodiac and the Sohma apertura casino palma de mallorca in general.
It certainly doesn't help that she's the daughter of another Yandere, one who was more than willing to abort her out of jealousy.
Dramatically Missing the Point, they felt betrayed by the cat, drank the elixir, and died at some later point.
Retrieved 5 September 2015.The Power of Love : Ultimately, Tohru's love and acceptance of everyone is what allows everyone to move past their pain, and it's implied her love for Kyo, the cat who was never accepted by the Sohma family, is what ultimately breaks the curse.A cut to Akito would show that they are one who ask for the moon.A b c Takaya, Natsuki (August 8, 2008).Reality Ensues : Rin had hoped that ending the curse would also end her pain.Foil : To Shigure.Being unpleasant to Tohru is a great way to piss him off, too.21 Funimation aired the series with their English dub on the Funimation Channel as well as on Colours TV and also licensed it for Region 1 DVD release.The Prince Yuki Fan Club is the definition of this trope although their leader, Motoko, later realizes she's being selfish about what Yuki wants after an attempt to confront Hanajima backfires and Hana questions them about being too pushy and forceful towards Yuki.Hypocritical Humor : Happens a lot in her first appearance, like when she beats the tar out of Kyo in a fit of passion, snaps out of it, sees him beat up, and cries "My love!Very late in the manga, it is heavily implied that she did love him in her own way, and was actually Driven to Suicide by her husband.Adaptation Distillation : Due to the first anime only running 26 episodes, a lot of events were moved around in the 2019 reboot: The chapter where Tohru first visits the Sohma estate and the chapter where she first sees Hatori's Zodiac form are combined into.