What can casino do?
The 3D navigation tool (rotation, translation and zoom of the camera) allows the user to assert the correctness of the sample manually.
This program can also be efficiently used for all of the accelerated voltage found on a field emission scanning electron microscope(0.1 to 30 KeV).The second aspect is the physical interaction with the matter inside the sample.Shapes, the 3D sample modeling is done by combining basic 3D shapes and planes.An example of a complex sample, an integrated circuit, is shown.MC X-Ray, mC X-Ray is a new Monte Carlo program that is an extension of the Monte Carlo programs Casino and Win X-Ray since it computes the complete x-ray spectra from slot nuove gratis queen of hearts the simulation of electron scattering in solids of various types of geometries.Special Software Features The simulation of an image needs a large number of scan points.For each new trajectory segment, the simulation algorithm needs to find if the electron intersects a triangle by individually testing each triangle using a vector product.In this section, a brief description of the Monte Carlo method is given and the physical models added or modified to extend the energy range of the software are presented.

We did not validate the very low energy range ( 50 eV) used in casino used for the simulation of secondary electrons as the goal was to have a qualitative description of secondary emission.
Another color scheme available allows to follow the regions in which the electron go through, as shown in, by selecting the color of the electron trajectory segment according to the region that contains.
In this case, the 3D volume position is absolute,.e., fixed relative to the sample for all scan points.From this new coordinate, a new segment is generated from the new event coordinate as described in the electron trajectory calculation section.The color of the trajectories can be used to represent the type of trajectory: red for a backscattered electron, green for a secondary electron and blue for the other electron (absorbed or transmitted).These steps are repeated until the electron either leaves the sample or is trapped inside the sample, which happens when the energy of the electron is below a threshold value (50 eV).Opengl.org ) technology to display the sample and the display is also used when the simulation options are chosen.During the ray tracing of the electron trajectory, the current region is changed each time the electron intersects a triangle.The detailed description of the Monte Carlo simulation method used in the software is given in these references.Features: Display electron trajectories, backscattered electron distributions, absorbed electron distributions.Using the electron transport 3D feature, the beam and scanning parameters allow the simulation of realistic line scans and images.This category includes sphere, cylinder, cone, and rounded box shapes.Care must be taken when choosing the number of bins as the memory needed grows quickly.The finite plane is useful to define large area of the sample like a homogenous film.