Un chilo di fagiolini, per favore a kilo (2.2 pounds) of green beans, please; Tre cipolle, per favore three onions, please; or harder still for the metrically-challenged: Due etti di zucchine, per favore two hectograms (200 grams) of zucchini.
It will be Italian housewives, young to decathlon patin a roulette pour fille very old, enforcing a subset of the rule Dont touch the produce without a plastic glove.
Beautiful to the eye, but overripe most of the time.
The number two uses the thumb and index finger.
A sarcastic comment is even more frightening.Finding a trusted purveyor of produce is a long term project But to enjoy all of this and follow the Italian Food Rule: Dont Touch the Fruits and Vegetables, you must by trial and error, with good humor, find an ortolana who treats you right.Careful handling and hygiene are the reasons for the Food Rule.«La prima rata scade il 31 luglio spiega ancora Timpone le altre rate scattano il 30 novembre, il 28 febbraio e il 31 maggio di ciascun anno fino al 2023, in tutto sono 18 rate».The ideas that come to mind when discovering what looks best at the market on a given day enlivens your dinner menu.Delloltre milione di domande da presentare, almeno il 70 riguarda la rottamazione-ter, e solo il 30 il Saldo e stralcio.Do not feel bad if this is not the case on the day you are shopping for figs and plums.At a produce stand in Italy that will garner you a withering look and a command to unhand the eggplant: Non tocchi le melanzane, per favore!Savoring the perfect cherry, peach or fig can almost transport you out of the crowded city to a sunny orchard.Rottamazione ter Saldo e stralcio, cifre da capogiro.

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Youll find plastic gloves near the plastic bags in the section with the fruits and vegetables, and youre expected to use them. .
But just because you have permission to select your own potatoes, doesnt mean they want to see you rooting through the bin tossing your rejects hither and yon.
Glove up before selecting produce at an Italian supermarket.I showed her the bag and ask for another selection because clearly at least one apricot was over-ripe, spoiled or damaged.If you want ripe fruit to eat today, add clarification, da mangiare oggi, per favore to eat today, please.Although this goes beyond the applicable Italian Food Rule, I offer here the procedure for buying loose vegetables and fruits in a supermarket: 1) Find a plastic glove; 2) Put it on; 3) Get a plastic bag for each of your desired fruits or vegetables;.Following the Food Rule, the proper procedure is to approach a shopkeeper and say buongiorno followed by saying exactly what youd like to buy.Its all about hygiene.Maybe it works better with 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers or, better yet, learn to say numbers in Italian.You can buy Italian Food Rules by using these links: Amazon.È stato il vicepremier.I trudged bingo palace roma orari home with my sacks of shopping, unloaded them on the table and discovered that one of my fine mushrooms had a toothpick holding the cap to the stem and was turning slightly brown at the center.Buying groceries at an Italian supermarket is easier.

Dont Touch the Fruit, Please!